Doing the sushi zombie walk

No instant digital gratification here - this is from analogue film. I took this on the Rue de Lafayette one night in 2004, hand-held at 1/16 and f5.6, which was pushing the 100 ASA Fuji stock I was using pretty hard.

As a writer I am occasionally lucky enough to review books. And a while back I reviewed a history of Wellington, which I used as an excuse to openly compare the Courtenay Place restaurant district to the Rue de Lafayette in Paris, where I once ate snails. The Kiwi version is on fast-forward and in microcosm.

Last night – not quite Halloween, but close enough – I was on my way to eat raw fish at the Courtenay Place sushi train and ran into a zombie walk . Maybe thirty people, white-faced and bloodied, lurching from one bar to another. Pretty convincing apart from the occasional break-out to answer a text. (“Braaains – braaains – oh …[tap-tap-tap]…er, where was I? Oh yeah…braaains…’).

Call it art? Sure. Do the French enjoy such amusements? Maybe. Kiwis do. And hey, this one’s for a novel.


3 thoughts on “Doing the sushi zombie walk

  1. “See if you can squeeze any more numbers into the caption”

    Time, day and month.
    Model of camera.
    Street address on the Rue de Lafayette.

    Martin’s right – try harder.

  2. Around 8.00 pm, 20 April 2004. Pentax P30n. And now I think about it, this was taken standing on the Place de l’Opera end of the Boulevard des Capucines, let’s say No. 3, a couple of blocks over from Lafayette and just up from the opera house. At a focal length of around 30-35mm.

    I would tell you more but I appear to have slipped into a coma.

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