Doing the sushi zombie walk

No instant digital gratification here - this is from analogue film. I took this on the Rue de Lafayette one night in 2004, hand-held at 1/16 and f5.6, which was pushing the 100 ASA Fuji stock I was using pretty hard.

As a writer I am occasionally lucky enough to review books. And a while back I reviewed a history of Wellington, which I used as an excuse to openly compare the Courtenay Place restaurant district to the Rue de Lafayette in Paris, where I once ate snails. The Kiwi version is on fast-forward and in microcosm.

Last night – not quite Halloween, but close enough – I was on my way to eat raw fish at the Courtenay Place sushi train and ran into a zombie walk . Maybe thirty people, white-faced and bloodied, lurching from one bar to another. Pretty convincing apart from the occasional break-out to answer a text. (“Braaains – braaains – oh …[tap-tap-tap]…er, where was I? Oh yeah…braaains…’).

Call it art? Sure. Do the French enjoy such amusements? Maybe. Kiwis do. And hey, this one’s for a novel.

3 comments on “Doing the sushi zombie walk

  1. Martin says:

    Hey Matt

    See if you can squeeze any more numbers into the caption

  2. Mentis Fugit says:

    “See if you can squeeze any more numbers into the caption”

    Time, day and month.
    Model of camera.
    Street address on the Rue de Lafayette.

    Martin’s right – try harder.

  3. mjwrightnz says:

    Around 8.00 pm, 20 April 2004. Pentax P30n. And now I think about it, this was taken standing on the Place de l’Opera end of the Boulevard des Capucines, let’s say No. 3, a couple of blocks over from Lafayette and just up from the opera house. At a focal length of around 30-35mm.

    I would tell you more but I appear to have slipped into a coma.

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