Bloggosaurus: the first century

Does anybody remember Whoops Apocalypse? An early-eighties Brit spoof of Reagan’s Cold War. Where President Cyclops (Barry Morse) never did manage to get his identity separated from the doomsday device – the “Quark Bomb, formerly known as the Johnny Cyclops Bomb after the President of the same name“.

Things and people of the same name. Hmmn. This is my hundredth posting – and it’s time, once again, to talk about the confusion between me and the Matthew Wright who co-authors railway books in Greymouth. He’s not me.

I’m not the Matthew Wright who pens poetry for an Auckland blog either. I never write the stuff – had all enthusiasm for it annihilated by my profoundly worthless high school English teacher and the spineless excuse of a headmaster who hired him (a former ‘English teacher’ himself, who used to turn up in classes to ‘teach’ what he called ‘pewetry’ – enough said). I’ve become a writer in spite of – not because of – that school; and these days, I have other genres in which to write material that allows readers to share emotions. So – no poetry!

I’m also not the banker Matthew Wright who has a twitter account. And that’s just looking at the Matthew Wrights who publish in New Zealand. The list of what I’ve published is right here.QED.

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