So who am I again?

Yesterday my publishers forwarded a letter to me from their Australian office, confirming my attendance at a writers’ festival in Byron Bay in three weeks, and telling me I’ve already received details from the festival organisers.

It was the first I’d heard of it. A quick Google search revealed I was apparently scheduled to talk on the need for philanthropy. A topic that doesn’t relate much to any book I’ve written. In any case, usually the festival organisers obtain the agreement of their speaker before advertising, months in advance. And send them details of their travel, hotels, and so forth.

Obviously the Australian office was confusing me for someone else with the same name. My publicist confirmed the mix-up this morning. It wasn’t the first time. The fact is that not only am I merely one of the several Matthew Wrights who write in New Zealand, but there are even more out there in the Big Wide World. Sigh.

But for a moment there I thought maybe I might be getting a free trip to Australia. And a rather more salubrious one, too, than the ‘free trips’ the British provided when they were setting the place up.

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