Best of the writing web – a quick tip mash up for NaNoWriMo

Well, the excitement’s building, so I thought I’d post a few links to some good tip sites for National Novel Writing Month. They’re handy for writing anyway.

Kristen Lamb’s blog is a first-port-of-call for any aspiring writer – direct link on my blogroll below (check out Piper Bayard’s blog while you’re at it – smart and funny. The NZ Beer Blog is also run by a writer, well worth a look).

OK. When it comes to grammar, style, word choice or just about any other question you might have, daily writing tips is well worth a visit:

For the novelist in us there is a bit more detail about that side of things here:

And we can always get a few hints from masters. Here are some links to Ernest Hemingway’s writing (‘blogging’) techniques and secrets, some of Eric Blair’s (George Orwell). And, of course, a couple of insights into the mind of the greatest novelist in the history of the world:

My own best tips?

1. Write every day. Even if it’s only a sentence or two.
2. Dont’ be afraid to throw away what you’ve done and start again. Sometimes the brute force method works.
3. Have confidence in yourself.
4. Reason, tolerance and kindness always work. (Actually this is a general tip – but it also applies to writing!)

Have a look around recent posts on this blog for other approaches – writing by spreadsheet (but you have to be creative, still). Or ask. I’m happy to answer any reasonable questions (including ‘what is the wing loading of a swallow?’, providing you accept the answer, “African or European?”)

Tomorrow – places for inspiration.

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10 thoughts on “Best of the writing web – a quick tip mash up for NaNoWriMo

  1. #2 is definitely a helpful tip today. I’ve just decided the novel I wanted to write for NaNoWriMo is gonna have to be entirely replanned from almost nothing. D: It was a hard decision to make but one that I believe will be the only way to save the novel from being utter dog poo.



  2. Thanks so much for the handy dandy links–they’ll be very helpful for NaNoWriMo and beyond! I’m also very pleased to have discovered your blog. I can see that I’ll be visiting frequently.


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