What’s good about NaNoWriMo – and some writing tricks that work

One of the best lessons I learned as a writer is never to give up.No matter how hard things seem to get, or appear to be. Do not lose hope. Writing’s about the challenge.

That’s what’s so good about National Novel Writing Month. It’s a challenge. It’s fun. It makes people think – and makes people do. Will it create great literature? Maybe. But I suspect not on the first cut. It’s unlikely that 50,000 words churned out in a few weeks will be uber-great literature first off. Even Jack Kerouac, who blasted On The Road out in a few weeks, didn’t do it without an awful lot of prep, and an awful lot of effort afterwards too.

The thing is that a bad first draft is better than none. And the only way to really learn how to be a writer is to practise – meaning, writing every day, and being prepared to throw it away and start again.

That’s why I like the idea of ‘NaNoWriMo’. It makes people write – and in a fun way. It’s a challenge.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been posting writing tips and how-to tricks for writers. Feel free to look around this blog for them. I’m working up more. The thing is, these methods work – for me, anyway. How do I know? Here’s what I’ve published. So maybe they’ll work for you too.

There’s also a lot of help out there in webland. Check out Caitlin Kelly’s ‘Broadside blog’ for a start, she writes a lot of sensible stuff – from experience – about what it’s like to be a writer. A few other blogs I’ve found interesting and useful include these:


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