Stuff that makes it possible to write about stuff

I thought I’d wrap up my writing posts of the past few weeks by sharing a few techniques that have worked for me.

Most of them are explained in more detail elsewhere – dig around the blog and have a look. But they also speak for themselves.

1. Write every day, even if you throw away what you write later.
2. Act with integrity – make professionalism part of your brand.
3. Finish what you start. Including trying to get yourself published.
4. Be constantly self-critical of what you write.
5. A bad first draft is better than no first draft.

Do they work for you? Do you have any writing mottos of your own? Do share.

Coming soon: a bit more of the same – but also a series on world building. A look around the Wellington Writers’ walk. My take on some of the world’s great writers – check out my Tolkien, Heinlein and Asimov posts. More soon. And a few posts on related things.

Stuff that makes it possible to write about – well, stuff.

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3 thoughts on “Stuff that makes it possible to write about stuff

  1. This is great. Succinct is always good. Professionalism! Oh how I wish there were more of that wafting through the writing blogosphere.

    Always enjoy visiting here.


  2. Good tips, although I’m not so sure about #4. Being self-critical can lead to writer’s block and such. The Artist’s Way teaches aspiring artists to *not* be critical of their work.

    My mottos come from The Artist’s Way:
    – “Show up at the page. Use the page to rest, to dream, try”
    – “It is my job to do the work, not judge it.”
    – “I will take care of the quantity. God will take care of the quality.”


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