‘Guns and Utu’ selected as one of 2011’s best books

Normally on Monday I’d post a funny, or maybe this week my delayed Worldbuilding post. Instead I thought I’d share something that happened yesterday. My book Guns and Utu (Penguin 2011) was selected by New Zealand’s leading national paper, the Sunday Star-Times, as one of its best books of the year.

It;’s not online, but I’ve posted a clip. My title joins others by New Zealand and international authors such as Dava Sobel.

The reviewer – I think it was Michael Field, though maybe newspaper features editor Monique Farmer – said that Guns and Utu was a ‘Grimly fascinating account of the impact of muskets on Maori and how it dramatically redefined New Zealand ahead of the Treaty of Waitangi’

In the interests of professionalism I have to say I was one of the people who selected top books for the paper. But I am not so naff as to pick my own book. In fact, I had no idea that one of the other judges had added it until I saw the published selection.

Kind of humbling, but I like it. Oh…and if you’re interested, the book’s available here

Copyright © Matthew Wright 2011

2 thoughts on “‘Guns and Utu’ selected as one of 2011’s best books

  1. Thanks. My recommendations for the list were selected from what I’ve reviewed this year: Paul Moon’s “Twentieth Century”, Paul Holmes’ “Daughters of Erebus”, Keren Chiaroni ‘The Last of the Human Freedoms’ and Peter Englund ‘The Beauty and the Sorrow’.

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