I got The Versatile Blogger Award…twice

On Sunday, S J Driscoll received the Versatile Blogger award and passed it on to fourteen others, me included. And so did Pete Denton. It was a humbling moment and I am grateful to both of them – two people independently thinking of my blog for recognition.

One of the conditions of the award is that I have to now reveal seven things about myself. And list people who I think deserve it. Kind of a viral peer-review thing. And why not? That’s the oil that greases the wheels of social networking – and credit where credit’s due to those who make some fantastic contributions to the field.

So, starting off, here’s some stuff about me. Warning – some of these are a bit funny. A lot funny, actually.

1. I ride the same electric multiple unit, most days, that my father did in 1942. Not the same route or the same service – I mean the same EMU. It’s 70 years old and was fished out of a museum so it could run again in public service. More on that one day, there is a hilarious tale there about what happens when governments hand over the state owned rail to overseas private enterprise.

2. My most valuable writing lessons were taught me by Richard Adler, then a Professor of English from the University of Montana (this fact is not funny, but very handy).

3. My secret geek hobby is twentieth century naval design and construction. I don’t think it’s funny but most other people do, especially when I start talking about hull girder strength, shock response (‘whipping’), and hydrodynamic issues associated with trying to move quickly through shallow water.

4. My wife gets to beta-test some (but not all) of what I write. Sometimes several times for the same draft. Poor thing.

5. I started off writing and publishing short stories, as a teenager, but swung into non-fiction – I was lucky enough to get a paid job doing it, for a while (it was very funny, how I got that job – I’ll explain one day).

6. I think professionalism is essential in writing (this is not funny a all, it’s a useful pointer).

7. I am pretty sure I can quote ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ along with the movie (this is funny and probably a bit sad, actually. My wife can do it too, which leads to some really funny conversations).

And now, the bloggers to whom I’d now like to pass the award, in alphabetical order:

Beau Barnett http://beaubarnett.wordpress.com/
Caitlin Kelly – Broadside Blog http://broadsideblog.wordpress.com/
Gene Lempp http://genelempp.wordpress.com/
Jane Friedman http://janefriedman.com/
Leanne Shirtliffe http://ironicmom.com/
Lesann Berry www.lesannberry.com
Marcy Kennedy and Lisa Hall-Wilson http://girlswithpens.com/
Maureen Johnson http://www.maureenjohnsonbooks.com/index1.html
Paige Kellerman http://www.paigekellerman.com/
Piper Bayard http://piperbayard.wordpress.com
Rick Robinson, Rocketpunk manifesto http://www.rocketpunk-manifesto.com/
Tim LaBarge http://blog.enwritened.com/

To all these people, thank you so much for your inspirational, funny, clever, and educational words. Great stuff.

Copyright © Matthew Wright 2012

20 thoughts on “I got The Versatile Blogger Award…twice

  1. Hahaha I didn’t realise someone else had nominated you at the same time. That’s spooky as two people nominated me as well.

    Well done and keep up the good work.


  2. Congratulations!
    Also, I really like number 7 in your list of stuff about you (I could probably quote the whole thing as well – I watch that film at least several times a year).


    1. Hi – thanks for the visit and follow. Yes, professionalism it absolutely crucial – to me it’s along with Writing 101 as part of the essential writers’ toolkit – and I can say on experience that it absolutely pays dividends with publishers!


  3. Actually, I got two (more) of these this week as well. One from you and one from Marcy Kennedy (who is also on the above list). Small world at times. Appreciate the award, Matthew (my seventh Versatile Blogger).

    Keep up the awesome work 🙂


  4. Thanks Matthew!

    I’m terribly behind on reading blogs and just discovered this very nice bestowment. Is that even a word? Regardless, it’s awesome to be included among such esteemed company. Thank you.


  5. Hi – thanks for your interest – as first port of call I’d recommend ‘Shattered Glory’ (Penguin 2010), available from Fishpond http://www.fishpond.co.nz/Books/Shattered-Glory-Matthew-Wright/9780143020561?cf=3 – currently going at a discount, in fact.

    The other one is ‘Freyberg’s War’, I’ve posted the introduction on my main website http://www.matthewwright.nethttp://www.matthewwright.net/commentaries.htm

    It’s unfortunately out of print.I’m looking at ways of having this and my other out-of-print military titles republished. Watch this space!


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