The epic fail Alan Turing fast food adventure

I don’t know if it’s just me, or whether the world is generally a funny place but doesn’t realise it. I went into a fast food franchise the other day and this happened:

Me: I’ll have a large caramel sundae to take away, thanks.
Attendant: Sure. Small, medium or large? (Actually he said ‘Suresmamedorla”, but I could lip read)
Me: Er – large.
Attendant: Caramel, chocolate or raspberry? (‘Carmachokorasry’)
Me: Um, caramel.
Attendant: Sure. Eat here or take away?

I’ve had similar conversations with lift control panels. I know it wasn’t the poor guy’s fault – these jobs numb the mind and they have to follow the script anyway. But it was pretty funny, in a kind of epic Alan Turing fail way.

Copyright © Matthew Wright 2012

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3 comments on “The epic fail Alan Turing fast food adventure

  1. Mentis Fugit says:

    Now come on, this passes the Turing test.

    A computer would have remembered the information you provided.

  2. “I know I’ve made some poor decisions lately, Dave, but I’m feeling much better now…”

  3. Lesann says:

    That was creepy. I even heard Hal’s voice in my head.

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