Tuesday quote: poll results in Alabama

This week’s quote is courtesy of a friend of mine, who sent it to me:

“In Mississippi only 12% of voters think Obama’s a Christian to 52% who think he’s a Muslim and 36% who are not sure. In Alabama just 14% think Obama’s a Christian to 45% who think he’s a Muslim and 41% who aren’t sure.”

It’s from here: http://www.publicpolicypolling.com/main/2012/03/other-notes-from-alabama-and-mississippi.html

Anybody care to comment?

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7 thoughts on “Tuesday quote: poll results in Alabama

  1. I see this as a guessing game to what people don’t actually know questioning Obama’s religious views. My question is… would it really make that much of an impact to those Mississippi/Alabama voters on what his religious status is?

  2. The sample for that poll was registered Republicans, I believe, and I would be interested to see how many newly-minted Independents have arrived from that body, leaving the remnant weighted towards credulity. Voter turnouts for these primaries have been abysmal, and the “squeaky wheel” nature of American media obfuscates just how much trouble the GOP is in internally.

    What bemused me more, back in 2008/2009, was the non-trivial (albeit much, much smaller) number of registered Democrats who were at the very least unsure of Obama’s bona fides. Now if someone – anyone – can explain to me how anyone can be a Marxist and a Muslim at the same time, that would be a start. And I may be able to get them in on the ground floor in a very sweet deal on a landmark bridge in exchange.

  3. Muslims are to be found in every sector and political cross-roads on earth. Of course there are Muslim Marxists, just as there are Christian Marxists and Buddhist Marxists. The real ballet begins when attempting to lock down a single definition of what constitutes a true Marxist, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist–or for that matter–Conservative Republican. What can be said with certainty, however, is that the present occupant of the Oval Office is not a Muslim, Marxist, Buddhist, or Conservative Republican.

    1. I’m guilty of employing Birther Shorthand: “Marxist”, of course, means “COMMIE” (imagine that bellowed in a reverb-soaked basso profundo, with a whiff of brimstone for the full effect.) It’s how they spell “bogeyman”.

  4. Being from the States, yet not having a terribly profound interest in politics generally or politicians in particular myself, I find these statistics both sad and funny at the same time. I’m ignorant about many things, but not about the sources I rely upon for my knowledge, or about common sense.

    1. As a New Zealander what interests me is that these questions are significant in the US; whereas here in New Zealand the religious affiliation of any government member is a non-issue; government has always operated on a secular basis. The Prime Minister 1999-2008, Helen Clark, openly stated she was an atheist. Nobody cared.

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