Upcoming requests for writing advice

Thank you to all who responded to last week’s post highlighting what’s coming up – and asking for you to send in any queries about writing and publishing. Thanks folks – much appreciated.

I’m working on your answers, and here’s what’s coming up in the next few weeks. Probably Saturdays, my slot for writing-related posts. Or a Sunday, if it’s linked to author worldbuilding.

Mike Schulenberg – something on New Zealand scenery. I remember, years ago, driving through southern Hawke’s Bay with a friend ‘location spotting’ for a purely hypothetical Lord of the Rings movie, which we figured NZ would be well suited for. Little realising that Peter Jackson had done exactly the same thing, reading the book while on the train from Wellington to Auckland. I have a fair few photos taken over the years. A Wednesday post, this one..Soon.
Lemuel – who pays for copyright clearances? Author or publisher?
Team Oyeniyi – the legality of naming people in a memoir?
Dennis Langley – copyright when blogging and on social media?
AnaBanshee (via twitter) – Why do some books do well commercially, even in a weird genre?

I’ll post these over the next few weeks – many thanks, and if anyone else has got a question – please let me know. Oh, apart from sparrow wing loading (“African or European?”)

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6 thoughts on “Upcoming requests for writing advice

  1. Actually, I do have a question: as I get friends and family to read my first book over, I get advice: you know, expand on this idea, or shorten that scene, or why did you name that character Billy? That kind of thing. I’ve started sending out this first manuscript to potential publishers, and here’s my question – how much do you change your story for friends and family who advise you? I’m not talking about Editors (I changed what my editor told me to change, I’m no dummy).


    1. You’re right to run with what editors suggest. It’s always good to get beta readers, but when it comes to friends and family there is always that point that these ties will likely skew an objective judgement. If the comment provokes questions and leads you on to something else, that’s likely a good thing.


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