Shopping for a really spectacular pair of trousers

Last Sunday my wife and I went to the local mall looking for a pair of trousers. About ten minutes into our slow zombie shuffle with the other shoppers through glitz-riddled corridors of terror I leaned over and murmured to my wife, sotto voce, ‘Brains…braaaaaiiins…’

Alas, the escape code didn’t work. We had to get the trousers anyway. She Who Must Be Obeyed prefers Nattily Dressed Husband to Slob-o-Scruff Spouse of the Shed. Then we had to brave the parking lot with its endless lines of circling cars. I swear I saw at least three 1957 Plymouth Furies.

I would ask whether there’s anything weirder than these malls. But of course, there is. In the Netherlands, a gentleman transformed his dead cat into an RC helicopter. Don’t laugh, it’s true.  Must ask my relatives if it’s flown over Soest.

What’s the weirdest (and funniest) thing you’ve discovered this week?

Coming soon: something not weird at all. A launch and a contest. Watch this space.

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11 thoughts on “Shopping for a really spectacular pair of trousers

  1. I’m with you on the Malls front. Can’t stand them, can’t stand shopping for clothes. Books yeah, CDs yeah, clothes – I’ll wait for xmas!! 🙂

  2. I am among the few women who want nothing to do with shopping in malls or out of doors. I highly recommend online shopping, which has its own weirdness, of course, but can be accomplished in comfort.

  3. I hear you on the shopping malls. On the odd occasion when a visit to the local mall is unavoidable I plan it with the military precision of a commando raid. I sneak in the side entrance, go straight to my objective, complete the mission and make a quick exit through the nearest escape route.

  4. Nice to hear I am not alone. I too hate shopping – of any sort. I plan with precision – in and out as fast as I can.

    As for weird: perhaps the fact the world thought Lindy Chamberlain guilty for 32 years and now she is vindicated is weird in that HOW ON EARTH did we not sort it out sooner? I have to say I never thought she was guilty so I am doing a bit of “I told you so”.

    Maybe it is more a case of the weirdness went away, finally.

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