Aliens ate my Buick

Aliens ate my Buick last night. Well, WordPress chomped my blog. According to the help forum, they updated the theme I was using – Choco – and broke it. My posts vanished off the front page courtesy of an attempt to add infinite scrolling, I’m told.

I can’t complain. WordPress have done a fantastic job of creating an amazing CMS system which lets a lot of people express themselves and communicate, I have been hugely impressed with them – both their product, and as people to deal with – and I know they’ll have a fix soon. But I had to get back up and running fast. The fix? A new theme. Quintus. Hope you like it. I do – and I’d been wondering about a change for some time. So in the glass-half-full sense, this is a good thing.

I’ll be adding some custom header features and other tweaks over the next few days. I’m scrabbling a bit to get everything back on par, including updating my website – which I do the hard way (it’s bespoke HTML, not a CMS package). So I’ll be running today’s post tomorrow.

Doesn’t derail my plan for the next week to post every single day, starting tomorrow. Back to the usual schedule after that. You’ll see why.

Meanwhile, what do you think of the new look? Oh – and does anybody ‘get’ what I am getting at with this post title?

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16 thoughts on “Aliens ate my Buick

    1. Thanks! Nobody much remembers that guy, these days (though everybody with a current Nokia phone hears him play – apparently he performed their polyphonic ringtone). He did some good stuff, musically.


  1. I like the new look!! I approve, you can keep it, lol. I didn’t know the reference, but asked the hubs, who is a musician and he said, “she blinded me with science”


    1. Thanks. Yes – Dolby absolutely. Apparently he’s a genuine ‘geek’ in the sense that he owns patents, of his invention, on certain technologies used in playing MP3s over cellphones. But also a great musician, and that ‘She Blinded Me With Science’ song he did was like, great-grandfather of ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Brilliant stuff.


    1. I checked today with a friend of mine in the business who says that the CMS database can run into trouble via ‘engine’ upgrades. The help post on WordPress is also informative:

      It’s also possible you had a different widget set to me, which may make a difference. Modern coding is an order of magnitude more complex than even 5-7 years ago and it’s not too hard to break it (but also straight-forward to fix, I believe).


  2. I like the new digs, but I liked the old ones too. I move often (in a blogosphere sense), and change up the site about every six months. Someday I’ll find just the right one.

    On other business…I saw one of those bald cats today and thought of your mouse woes. Does a lack of hair mean they still have dander? Something to ponder. Lizards eat mice! There you go, problem solved.


    1. Hi – thanks. I liked the old look, but had no choice about changing it.

      I’d love to say that a hairless cat would solve the mouse plague + cat allergy adventure – unfortunately the allergy comes from the FED-1 protein in cat saliva – gets on their fur and skin through grooming. A pity. (Once I even had to turn down a chance to handle a cheetah, just in case their spit was similar. Pity, it would have been SO COOL to say I’d done it.)

      Lizards sound good though!


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