Radio sells books. Really.

Anybody remember Wall of Voodoo? Stannard Ridgway’s alternative early 80’s synth-pop band. ‘Mexican Radio’ is worth a listen.

What’s it got in common with my book Convicts: New Zealand’s Hidden Criminal Past?  The getting on the radio bit, that’s what.

You’d think radio’s obsolete these days. It isn’t. In fact, I’ve learned over the years that it’s one of the best ways to promote a book. I’ve had newspaper, magazine and TV ads for my books before. But radio strikes the best chords. And Penguin’s publicist has done a great job getting me on air. Here’s one of the podcasts

Here’s the podcast of the on-air review:

More to come.

*** Reminder – if you want to win a copy of Convicts – signed by me – check out this contest. Runs until 28 July 2012.***

Copyright © Matthew Wright 2012

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