A good news moment that made my day

Something made my day today. I went for a walk along Lambton Quay, the shopping street in central Wellington that follows the old coastline and is widely regarded as New Zealand’s retail ‘golden mile’.

Half-way along is the flagship outlet of national book retail colossus Whitcoulls. And in the front, exactly where it will capture customers walking in off that hallowed retail footpath, I found a stack of my book Convicts: New Zealand’s hidden criminal past.

You couldn’t ask for better placing.  I had to photograph the pile, of course, with the 1.3 mP camera in my trusty iPAQ (that’s not a typo).

Last week they had my book Shattered Glory (Penguin 2010) in the same spot. Go Whitcoulls!  Discovering my books placed just there in one of New Zealand most heavily-trafficked bookshops made my day.

Without reducing anyone’s urge to rush in and buy the book, I should add that you can also win a copy, my ‘Convicts Contest’ is open until 28 July.

Have you had a good news moment this week you’d like to share? Do tell!

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12 thoughts on “A good news moment that made my day

  1. Hey, I walk past that store all the time. Cool to see another Kiwi historian about, although I’m only a student myself.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, it’s a bit of a lottery to get featured in these shops. In point of fact, Whitcoulls has just changed hands – up until 2011 the buying decisions for the New Zealand shops were made in Sydney, which was problematic. That’s changed now, and for the first time in years I’ve seen stocks of my own books in there. Good stuff.

  2. Great to see Whitcoulls supporting NZ writers so well. There seems to have been a real change in the culture there recently.
    My good news moment was seeing my first print sale in the UK this week. Great to know that readers almost anywhere in the world can order an affordable print copy via Amazon and the system works!

    1. That’s a wonderful bit of news – congrats on the sale – and here’s hoping for many more. I think we’re on the edge of quite a writing revolution with this.

      And yes, there has been a distinct change in Whitcoulls. Big pick up in the number of local titles on show. The new owners are really doing well, I think.

    1. I was pretty thrilled with it. Since discover it’s because the book has been picked by Whitcoulls as part of its ‘Recommended Read’ promotion for the month. Can’t complain about that at all!

  3. What a delightful surprise! This is exactly the kind of experience I have always yearned for, so hats off to you!

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