A wonderful discovery, hidden behind balloons

Those of us who write and publish books know what a lottery it is actually getting them featured in the bookstores.

So it made my day when I found this in the window of Wellington’s biggest bookstore today. Kinda hidden at the bottom, behind some balloons…but yes – that’s my book Convicts – New Zealand’s Hidden Criminal Past. Sharing the window bays with that salacious vampire trilogy on one side – and Greg Broadmore’s new ‘Dr Grordbort’ book on the other (local artist, is Greg).

Convicts is still featured on their main table in the front of the shop too. Yay. If you want to win a copy, enter my ‘Convicts Contest’ – closes this Saturday, 28 July NZT.

And I’ll be guesting on RadioLive this Sunday, 11.15 am NZT, for an interview and talk-back session about the book with Graeme Hill. Check it out!

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