Wrapping it all up – blog meltdown, book launch, radio promos and earthquake

What a month. My book Convicts – New Zealand’s Hidden Criminal Past was published. The city I live in was shaken by a larger-than-usual quake the same week. My blog blew up. Our internet connection kept going on the fritz.

And I was embroiled in a promotion frenzy. The key way to push books in New Zealand, at least, is through radio interview. I’ve had quite a few this month, and I’m always grateful I did that voice work, all those years ago.  There’s also the foot work – going to bookstores to sign stock. Among the highlights, Unity Books – my favourite indie. (They’ve been a Wellington institution for decades. I can’t walk in without finding a book I must buy.)

These days online networking is part of the picture – and I had a contest to run. Except my blog blew up as I got going. WordPress problem. ‘Aaaargh!’ Solved it by re-theming, re-customising and making an ’emergency’ header – which the theme needed. Rule No. 1 for promotions is NOT to change your brand at the crucial moment. But I had no choice. I also had to code updates on my custom-built website (www.matthewwright.net) – no CMS, and there are amoeba on Saturn better practised at HTML than I am.

Highlights? Here’s the podcast of an unexpected interview I had, by cellphone, on 95b FM ‘The Wire’: http://95bfm.com/default,206700.sm

Coming up next on this blog – no more new books for a while. Instead there’s stuff about flying cars, writing, sci-fi, history and other things.

But enough about me. How’s your month been?

Copyright © Matthew Wright 2012

3 thoughts on “Wrapping it all up – blog meltdown, book launch, radio promos and earthquake

      1. Hey don’t worry, I’m the exact same way. Which means there are some fairly smart amoeba (amoebi?) on Saturn. We should get them over here to code for us, hehe.

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