Dr Who meets Peter Jackson…maybe…if you vote…

There was speculation this week that Peter Jackson might direct an episode of Dr Who, here in New Zealand.  And you can help make it happen by lobbying the producers.

Apparently Jackson has been a fan for ages. Probably saw the same episodes I did, way back when; they were all shown in New Zealand. Indeed, some of the ‘lost episodes’ surfaced here – and a friend of mine recovered some of the censored clips.

To me this show is the sci-fi equivalent of Coronation Street. Apart from a hiatus in the 1990s, it’s been around as long, and it’s  got the same status in its genre. For a long time it was typical BBC; great acting, great scripts, and miniscule production budgets which  gave the ’60’s and ’70’s era show a kind of cardboard, painted yoghurt-pot charm.

Outside hard-core fans, I believe it’s only really broken into the US market in the last year or two. Same great acting, same great scripts with that wonderful blend of whimsy and tongue-in-cheek ‘science’. And now, top-notch effects.

Question. Does anybody in the US know Dr Who from its earlier years? And if you’re from the UK, did you watch it in the Troughton, Pertwee and Baker days, with those painted Daleks wobbling along under pedal power, in a universe where every alien world was Winspit Quarry and Cybermen had but to take London to conquer the world?

And has anybody seen the Viz parody? Dr Poo. Classic Who. Classic Viz, with all that this implies. Be warned. Here’s a link.

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11 thoughts on “Dr Who meets Peter Jackson…maybe…if you vote…

  1. Remember it when I was a kid and hated it, terrifying. What intrigued me, was many years later when i was in my second year at university, our Econometric lecturer rescheduled our classes around episodes of Dr Who, such a big fan he was. He was weird and somewhat terrifying (but very intelligent) too. 🙂


    1. Weird, intelligent and somewhat terrifying…sounds like a Time Lord to me 🙂 I suppose econometricians do time-travel, in a way, because of lags in data…Stir in a dose of Bayesian regression to cure the statistical patchiness and you’ll probably create a TARDIS 🙂


  2. I LOVE THE DOC! Sorry hope I didn’t make you go deaf. I grew up watching him and I think i must have watched every episode, I liked Tom Baker the best. I think because he was the one I saw most or remembered, I must have been busy crawling around the floor when my dad watched it.


    1. I think I was about 8, we had a black-and-white TV, so I guess it was more the active imagination problem than anything actually realistic on screen! Later watched it as a teenager, in colour (Tom Baker era), by which time a certain sense of cynicism towards the special effects had emerged, and those yetis really did look like an actor in a badly fitting sheepskin suit.


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