Passing the Reality Blog Award to those who deserve it

Last week Luciana Cavallaro awarded me the Reality Blog Award. A surprise. I am humbled and grateful – thank you, Luciana!

Go check out Luciana’s blog – do it now. The award requires me to answer several questions – and pass on the award to some deserving bloggers.

1. If you could change something what would you change?
In my own life? There are things that, with hindsight, I suppose I might have done differently; but we don’t know our futures and can only do the best we can at the time. In the world generally? Well, the human condition has a few problems. It would be nice were it a little different. But I think we can work on that, if we want – starting by setting examples, one random act of kindness at a time.

2. If you could relive one day, when would it be?
The day I finished high school and walked out the gate with my friends, knowing I would never need to return.

3. What’s one thing that really scares you?
Nothing. Fear comes from the unknown, or often from fear of losing something. We have to accept that we may not get what we want, or that we may lose something we have been struggling for. But sometimes we get there. That’s life.

4. What’s one dream have you not completed yet and do you think you will be able to complete it?
I’m doing it now – writing. Everything I do is part of a wider project, one way or another. There is always something new to explore, something new to do. It will never be finished.

And now, some people to pass this on to -a hard choice. There are some really great bloggers out there, publishing some wonderful material. Here are some of the best I’ve read. Congratulations, and thank you!

Karen Huber:

S. Thomas Summers

Susan Keirnan-Lewis

Imelda Evans

Tom Burkhalter

Clare McAlpine

Lemuel Lyes

August McLaughlin

Merry Farmer

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7 thoughts on “Passing the Reality Blog Award to those who deserve it

  1. Thank you, Matthew, I am very touched to be included in your set of bloggers. I always enjoy your blog. Your sense, intelligence, humour and generosity are a great example!


  2. Thanks, MJ! I admire Merry and Karen, so it’s an honor to make the same list. 😉 And I’ve no doubt that you deserve this award.

    Wow… No fears? Hat’s off! I definitely relate to your passion for writing.


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