And now…what next? You tell me…

I’ve been blogging quite a lot, this last while, on writing tips and NaNoWriMo and other writers. And The Hobbit.

But also off line the past few days. Dealing with pressing pre-Xmas writing deadlines, including a couple of exciting projects that I’d love to tell you about. And will.

Wright_SydneyNov2011What’s next? More writing-related stuff. The Sunday ‘inspirations’ posts (next one is on Dr Grordbort – yes, the steampunk ray gun guy…right here where I live in Wellington). And Tolkien. I’ve got a ‘history mystery’ series coming. Next few days I’m also blogging about the Mayan apocalypse.

What else? I’ve done ‘funnies’, science, literature. I’ve blogged about kindness, tolerance and reason – which I think are soooo important.

I want to say something about that tragic ‘Duchess of Cambridge’ radio prank and what I think about retarded chimps with half a brain breakfast radio script-writers. But maybe I shouldn’t… dunno, you tell me!

And I have to point you to something utterly cool.

It is a zombie apocalypse movie. Made by real intern/scientists who really work at CERN, shot inside the real thing – the large hadron collider. High-speed particle physics. With zombies.

What would you like to see more of? Talk to me!

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4 thoughts on “And now…what next? You tell me…

  1. I love your science and astronomy posts. Never dull. Of course any and all tidbits about New Zealand are nice, too, as it’s all very new and amazing to me because it’s something different.

    So yeah, basically keep on doing what you’re doing. 🙂

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