New Year resolutions? Not for me, thanks.

Happy new year. It’s 2013 and we weren’t nobbled by Niburu the way pundits claimed. I never thought we would be.

Wright_SydneyNov2011I’m not making any New Year resolutions, though. I have a couple of reasons. One is that the date is arbitrary, even in the west, where 1 January wasn’t universal until recently. Ukraine led the way in 1362. South Holland picked it up in 1576. But until 1751, the English celebrated new year on 25 March. Other cultures have wholly different structures; Khmer New Year is on 13-14 April. So is the Tamil New Year – both marking the vernal equinox.  Here in New Zealand, the Maori New Year, Matariki, is still six months off.

In any case, I’m not convinced that resolutions actually work. We are creatures of habit; we start off with a hiss and a roar, but for me at least the effort usually runs out of steam around mid-morning on 1 January. For me, constant, incremental self-improvement is the way – certainly as a writer, where re-invention and constant improvement is one of the keys to longevity in the field.

So what’s coming up this year for me, writing-wise? I have books in press. I have contracts in hand, but Penguin and Random House are merging, putting around 90 percent of my back-list and publishing licenses, along with most of my in-print books, under one roof. That will make things interesting.

There’s also going to be blogging. Watch this space.

Do you have any plans for 2013? Resolutions? Aims? I’d love to hear from you.

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7 thoughts on “New Year resolutions? Not for me, thanks.

  1. I agree with you regarding resolutions. None planned here other than a continuation of my various projects both personal and professional.

    Interesting to hear about the Penguin-Random House merger, I hadn’t heard about that. It will be interesting to see how that impacts the NZ publishing industry. Hopefully for the better!

    1. I am expecting a rationalisation of the lists, at the very least. I write for both, but I produce quite different books for each. Quite how that will pan out, I don’t know. Time will tell.

  2. happy new year, Matthew! I love taking new resolutions, so I always do, but not only on the 1st of january. As you said, constant self-improvement is the way. I like the ritual of taking the time to thing and writing down my goals for the new year 🙂

  3. No resolutions for me. However, I will continue to try and write something every day. I also, need to reorganize my calendar to accommodate going to the cabin more often.

  4. Hi Matthew,

    Hello! Like you, SoundEagle does not have declamatory resolutions for 2013. Nevertheless, since you have shown an interest in and curiosity towards your readers’ plans for 2013 as well as their resolutions and aims, SoundEagle would like to oblige your palpable interest and laudable curiosity by inviting you to peruse and comment on the following posts in chronological order, published two months apart —- one about a month before the dawn of 2013 and the other about a month after —- and together they (re)present or constitute a good spread and decent coverage of SoundEagle’s life at the end of one year and the start of the next.

    Happy February to you and your family! May you have a new dawn and an even better beginning in 2013!

    SoundEagle hopes that you continue to do very well and find fulfillment in whatever you enjoy doing and savouring, especially through “writing, reason and stuff” and “on topics ranging from travel guides to biography, engineering, military and social history”.


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