Sixty second writing tips: all power to John Reuel George R R R R Martin Tolkien

I’ve got a new theory. To be a successful writer, your middle name has to begin with R.

Those of us without middle names at all – sorry, you lose. Oh, wait a minute, you can make a name for yourself by, well, making one. Worked for Joanne Rowling, whose middle initial isn’t ‘K’. Technically, ‘J K Rowling’ is a nom-de-plume.

She didn’t use any ‘R’s yet still became the most successful author ever, but imagine if she’d used ‘R’ instead of ‘K’. Harry Potter might have gone from utterly awesome to uber-galactic.

So – if you have two middle names beginning with R, you’ve got an advantage. Three? Better still. Four – well, you merely have to breathe ‘novel’ to the trade and you’ll hit the NYT best selling list, without even having to write anything.

That’s why I concocted a nom-de-plume that, I think, encompasses all the essential values.

I can’t help thinking there’s something slightly adrift with the logic here, and it may not quite be a proper writing tip, but hey…

Have you ever thought of making a name for yourself by…making a name?

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3 thoughts on “Sixty second writing tips: all power to John Reuel George R R R R Martin Tolkien

  1. I thought of using my maiden name. Nothing original there, just an easier name to say, spell, and pronounce. Also, dropping my last name and using just first and middle name. My middle name does sound like a last name, and it’s only one syllable!

    1. My name’s rather popular – hence ‘M J Wright’ for the blog and even then I had to add ‘NZ’ in the URL. Not a problem Tolkien ever had, I have to say…

  2. Reblogged this on quirkywritingcorner and commented:
    What’s in a name? A rose is a rose by any other name…
    Names are important. They can make a character liked or disliked. If an author’s name is too unusual, I might wonder if they’re any good.
    I quit reading one book because the author used half the alphabet for the character names. They were unpronounceable and difficult to keep track of. One or two goofy names would not have been a problem, but we must have been on planet Zychrozygliterabrym with Jgrpzytrsporztt as the star, and lovely Morytzlpjenqrm as the leading lady. I think you can get the idea. It may have been a great story, but I didn’t go past page 4.

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