Inspirations: I have seen the sign, and it is funny

It’s a funny old world, if you look at it. Last weekend my wife and I found this in a café:


Meanwhile my brother-in-law found this on a freeway while visiting Pittsburgh, and remarked: ‘I guess if it’s an emergency, it’s an emergency…’Emergency Pull Off

Then there’s the sign I found in Napier, New Zealand – a significant gauge of the sign-writer’s abilities. Gauge. I did say ‘gauge’, didn’t I.

Wright_Model Railway Gauge

Not to mention grocer’s apostrophes  in Wellington (took these with my iPAQ, a Hewlett Packard PDA that used the i prefix before Apple did…but isn’t in the league of my SLR):



Have you seen any funny signs around lately?

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16 thoughts on “Inspirations: I have seen the sign, and it is funny

  1. I have a small collection of apostrophe abuse pictures I’ve taken – dyspostrophe, I call the category. The gold medal goes to the person who put an apostrophe in a street sign for “GLADY’S SCOTT PLACE”, presumably so we knew that was where Glady kept her Scotts.

  2. Loved that one about uncontrolled children 😀 I always say that if someone finds out how to use all that energy, it’ll be better than nuclear 😛

  3. Our local golf course has some great grammar woes. . . then again, so do most of our fast food chains. I may have to start taking pictures 🙂

    Thanks for the fun photos and inspiration!

    1. Thanks. Yeah, it’s always a bit of fun to see these signs. In point of fact, we discovered after venturing into that cafe, past the fridge at the door (which is where the ‘children will be sold..’ sign was lurking) that they had a fair number of creatively flippant notices around the place. Very funny.

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