A big thank you for two blogging awards

Last week I received two blogging awards in quick succession.

very-inspirational-blogger1That follows being ‘freshly pressed’ by WordPress a few weeks back.

Humbling, all of it. I guess I must be doing something right! Alas, I haven’t the time to respond as the awards recommend just now (soon!), but I do want to say a very special thank you to Quirkybooks (‘One Lovely Blog’) http://quirkybooks.wordpress.com/ and Eagle Tech http://momusnews.wordpress.com/ (‘Very Inspiring Blogger’) for the honour!

Make sure you check out their sites. Check ‘em out now!

Coming up on this blog – more writing tips, more ‘how tos’, more science geekery…and other stuff (nice and mysterious, that).

I’m also open to requests.

Copyright © Matthew Wright 2013

6 comments on “A big thank you for two blogging awards

  1. S. Thomas Summers says:


  2. Janice Spina says:

    Congratulations on your awards, Mike. You totally deserve them.

  3. quirkybooks says:

    Hi Matthew. Congratulations on your other award and the fact that you have been Freshly Pressed is amazing. Well done you. You should be very proud of your blog – It is informative and educational as well as personal.

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