What’s your hottest Google Gotcha?

The other day, as far as I can tell from the analytics, someone tried to Google translate one of my blog pages from English to English.

MJWright2011Cool. Uh…I think. Ever had your blog found by something odd? Happens to me so often I swear I’m being Google-bombed. Here are the top strings people typed to land on my blog this week:

“writing tips from jk rowling” [actually, on my blog, you get writing tips from ME, bwahahaha!]

“”debbie harwood” chills” [Coincidentally, Debbie’s a singer from my home town. She  was in “When The Cat’s Away” …and I was at high school with her brother.]

“how did tokien influence the world” [I think you mean J R R Tolkien. And lots, but not as much as I am going to…mwaahaha! …Oh wait, I already did the Evil Laugh joke…]

“ma hot bok.com” [say what?]

“down studie books on the treay of waitangi day 2013” [you get an F in my spelling class]

“discomfit, public domain” [am I being google-bombed?]

“hotbook mj” [OK, I AM being google-bombed]

What’s your weirdest “Google gotcha”?

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10 thoughts on “What’s your hottest Google Gotcha?

  1. Google: Chaotic Neutral?

    The “Debbie Harwood Chills” reference was a head-scratcher. I think I’ve figured it out though; Justin Harwood was bassist for The Chills. Someone is either misremembering, or trying to establish a connection between Debbie and Justin. So, did she have a musically inclined brother who went to Otago??

  2. Reviewing “The Great Gatsby” made my feed blow up from people curious about the new movie.

    One favorite is: i am a buttercup scott fitzgerald.

    Don’t know what drugs they’re taking, but I’ll have two.

  3. I haven’t had any odd Google stuff, probably because I’m fairly new to all this. I enjoy your blog, don’t get wrong on that, but don’t you think if JK Rowling sent you some writing tips, you’d be delighted? I know I would. Of course, maybe you weren’t a Harry Potter fan. I’d love to see the tips she listed.

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