Cover art by a professional

I posted a few days ago about book covers and the importance of having good cover art.

Back in the late 1990s one of New Zealand’s best known artists, Colin Wynn, did the cover artwork for my history of the Royal New Zealand Air Force.


Colin is the official artist of the Royal New Zealand Navy, and he also did the cover art and a lot of the interior paintings in my book on New Zealand’s naval story, which wasn’t strictly devoted to the RNZN, but which they took up as their official sixtieth anniversary volume in 2001.

Both books are long out of print (but let me know if you’d like to read ’em – I’m wondering about having them re-published).

bluewaterWe’ve got a few originals by Colin in our house – including the Kiwi Air Power cover, and a marvellous picture of a Los Angeles class submarine docked in Pearl Harbor.

He’s just relaunched his website – it’s at And he does far more than just military. Colin’s art is definitely worth checking out.

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4 thoughts on “Cover art by a professional

  1. Hi Mike,  thanks for sharing Colin’s site.  I looked it over and found his work breathtakingly beautiful.  Each creation had an intensity and life of its own!  Loved looking at all of them.  He is extremely talented.  There was no place to like or just leave a note.  I did not plan on purchasing any so I did not want to get his hopes up.  Best Wishes, Janice 

    1. Hi Janice – Colin’s site is a bespoke website and doesn’t have like or feedback coding, but I’ll pass your thoughts on to him. Yes, his art is great isn’t it!

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