Sea Monkey see, Sea Monkey do

A few months ago I ditched Internet Explorer when the update to v10 broke WordPress. Chrome executed OK, except after a while it also hard-crashed my system – so hard I had to power off every time, wait thirty seconds, and cold-boot. Multiple times. Not good. Something to do with the update to v28.

monkey_readingThat was when I reverted to my old standby, Sea Monkey. It’s free. It’s made by Mozilla – same people who do Firefox and Thunderbird – and it has a capable built-in HTML editor which I use to maintain my main website . That’s a bespoke site, custom coded from scratch by an IT professional – no pre-canned WordPress or Jumla themes here. It’s also designed to work with basic HTML – no Java, Flash or anything else, just quick clean response that should work on anything, no add-ons. Hopefully. I do all the graphics and content management. Sometimes with Sea Monkey, sometimes the hard way (open the web page up in WordPad and start coding).

Yes folks, I am a geek, at least part-time. So why don’t I deploy the inner geek a little more and fix the Explorer issue?  I can’t mess about. Time spent fixing the tools is time taken away from producing with them.

Incidentally, does anybody remember those brine shrimp – er – Sea Monkeys you used to be able to get?

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12 thoughts on “Sea Monkey see, Sea Monkey do

  1. I’ve ditched IE for Chrome some years ago and have never looked back. Never tried Mozilla’s products, but then I know just about nothing about code (though I have started playing around with it a bit in the post editor). I must say I’ve never had Chrome cause my computer to crash.

    1. It’s something to do with the configuration of my Win 7 64-bit system – I’m not the only one to get the problem. Hoping it will disappear with the next set of patches.

      1. Okay. I use the 32-bit system. That’s probably what makes the difference. Also hope it clears up. It’s incredibly frustrating if one’s computer refuses to co-operate. My previous one reached a point where it would just decide, without any user input (in fact, while I was on the net or typing a document), to execute a shutdown. That was fun.

        1. Welcome to ‘Winrot’ – gradual deterioration of the system, .dll’s getting corrupted, boot sectors filling with rubbish, etc etc. Mine is pretty much getting there but I can’t take it down for the two days I’d need to rebuild it, just now. Soon, I hope.

          1. My current PC is still working excellently, but the mere though of Windows 8 has me considering migrating to a Mac. If only I could afford it. Maybe I should check out Linux…

            1. Yeah, they definitely missed a beat with 8 (more of their ‘good system/bad system’ routine). That said, I’ve recently seen the Windows 8.1 beta, which is a significant jump and looks pretty usable as a desktop system, and it’s a lot closer to Windows 7 than 8 was. Release date is 18 October, I believe, and it’s a free upgrade for Windows 8 owners. I’m impressed with that – Apple charge for their equivalent steps.

  2. I do remember Sea Monkeys, although I never had any myself. I always doubted that the Sea Monkeys you actually got looked anything like they did in the drawings they used to advertise them. I also seem to recall that, around the same time, you could get these brightly colored crystal things that would grow in water and make cool formations, but I don’t remember what they were called.

    1. I never had sea monkeys. Always suspected the advertising – I suspect its original incarnation would have been illegal under current New Zealand consumer law, though it wasn’t an issue in the 1960’s. A friend of mine bought a set a few years back for his kids. It properly described what they were and how the setup worked. Turns out the ‘water conditioner’ that had to be added first contained salt and brine shrimp eggs. The instabt sea monkey powder added two days later was dye which let you see the shrimp that had already hatched. They didn’t look like the original artwork but were pretty inteesting in their own right.

  3. Last year I helped out a friend of mine who was publishing a book on Moa by clearing the rights for him to include some artwork from a 1970’s Superman comic which featured a story of Superman flying to New Zealand to fight the last moa. (Very cool!).

    I tracked down some original copies of the comic to give as gifts as well as for my own collection and was thrilled to find that the edition also included one of those classic Sea Monkey adverts! I can’t say that I care much for the ‘product’ but those advertisments are fantastic!

    P.S. Hope you fared well during that latest shake – looks like it was a scary one

    1. I remember those ‘Sea Monkey’ adverts from when I was a kid – I think definitely from DC comics. Very imaginative drawings that bore zero resemblance to the product. The other thing I remember about those comics was that Silly Putty was a solvent for the ink & you could take an ‘impression’ of a drawing and stretch it. Silicon goo, apparently invented by someone named Wright – no relation!

      Quakes still rolling through – have posted separately on the initial events. Not scary but I think sensible precautions are in order and we’re taking steps in our household..

  4. Ah, yes, the days of those fun ‘sea monkeys’.
    Since I don’t speak geek and have to run to my husband or youngest son for computer help, about the only thing I understood was time taken away to fix the computer was time lost to work.
    I do plan to take classes so I have some idea of how to work my Apple besides as a glorified typewriter. I talk medical and my husband talks mechanical. We do have an interesting time communicating.

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