This week’s book in the shop window is…

This week’s book in the shop window is…mine. I spotted two copies of my Bateman Illustrated History of New Zealand in the window of Capital Books this week – one of the two indie bookstores in Wellington. Good stuff.

Wright_NZ Illustrated History in window

The book to the left, Richard Wolfe’s Auckland and Northland, is the next after mine in a series of regional histories – my Hawke’s Bay and East Coast was published in 2011, also by Bateman.

I should add that the Bateman Illustrated History of New Zealand, is available in Capital Books,  in other good New Zealand bookstores and internationally from the publisher’s web-shop. Go on…you know you want to…

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8 thoughts on “This week’s book in the shop window is…

  1. Without a doubt, my favorite–so far–of the images that have appeared on your blog. Congrats, Matthew! BTW, I have a couple of friends–seasoned world travelers–who are beginning to plan a trip to New Zealand. Of course, I told them about you and your books. Word of mouth–anywhere in the world–always helps, I think.

    1. Hi – many thanks. It’s hard to get featured in shop windows – there are so many books competing for attention. I had a chat with the guy who owns this shop a few weeks back, but didn;t know he was going to feature them like this. I must go back to autograph the stock copies.

      Thank you for the shout-out on Twitter and highighting my book to your friends – very much appreciated. And yes, word of mouth is the way to go. The world is an ever-shrinking place these days, thanks to social networking. Thanks,

    1. Thanks for checking it out. It’s unlikely they are. As I understand it the publishers are selling nationally in NZ via the bookstores and meeting international demand through their web shop. An ebook edition will be coming in all the major formats, but not for a little while.

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