And the book in the “new” display this week is…

The book in the Whitcoulls ‘new’ display this week is…mine. Again.

A few weeks back it was my book on railways. This time it’s my Bateman Illustrated History of New Zealand. Seen here centre left, left of The Big Book Of Flight and adjacent to Jamie Oliver’s new one. Cool.

Wright_Illustrated History Whitcoulls

The Bateman Illustrated History of New Zealand is available in print from Whitcoulls,  in other good New Zealand bookstores and internationally from the publisher’s web-shop. E-book editions in the major formats are coming soon.

Copyright © Matthew Wright 2013


10 thoughts on “And the book in the “new” display this week is…

  1. This is just so wonderful, Matthew! Truly, it makes my day as a reader and a writer. You have to feel just great. You are a thoughtful writer as well as generous with your skills and experience; in particular, I am thinking of your writing series. Most deserved, Matthew.

    1. Thank you – and very much appreciated. I’ve been very happy to share what I know – and that series is restarting in a couple of weeks. I’m busy reorganising content. I spotted this display in the local mall on Sunday. Since then have found a bigger display in the main Wellington branch – their flagship store, which I am very pleased about. Getting stock out there is the first hurdle. The next is translating that to sales – fingers crossed. Thanks again for your kind thoughts.

    1. Much appreciated! It’s not easy to get that kind of profile here in NZ at the moment & I’m very grateful to the publisher who’ve managed to sell it through to the trade in good number. Good stuff.

    1. Thank you! Yes, it’s been great to get the stock out there – the market here is so competitive it’s difficult to get any kind of store profile. Next hurdle: sales. I have to add, I have no idea what the staff think of some weird guy wandering around their stores with a camera instead of buying anything, but hey… 🙂

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