I got to No. 3 on the best seller list

My book Trains, Tunnels, Bridges: Icons of Our New Zealand Rail History  is No. 3 on the Whitcoulls New Zealand non-fiction top seller list this month. Cool.

Wright_BestSeller1It’s one of two books of mine released in the last six weeks. Bee Dawson’s book The New Zealand Woman is No. 1 on the same list, and good on her. I met Bee a few years back at a Random House publisher party, and she’s an excellent writer.

Wright_BestSeller2That No.3 spot for Trains joins the general profile that my other new title, the Bateman Illustrated History of New Zealand, has been getting in the stores.

Needless to say, I’m rather pleased by this news.

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Coming up: more fun posts. And in a few weeks, the return of my ‘Write It Now’ and ‘Sixty Second Writing Tips’ series.


26 thoughts on “I got to No. 3 on the best seller list

    1. Thanks – and much appreciated. Yes, I’m sure there will be plenty of stock for the Christmas market for both titles. I’m extremely pleased with the way they’ve gone, especially given the way the NZ publishing market is sliding at the moment – several of the major houses are quitting the place in the face of a 16 percent slide in sales, which is apparently enough to tip profitability into loss.

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