NaNoWriMo tips and other stuff – more on what’s coming up

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve got a lot of content coming up for National Novel Writing Month. Here’s some more details. I’ll be rolling from this Friday with…

1195430130203966891liftarn_Writing_My_Master_s_Words_svg_med* Sixty Second Writing Tips – quick-fire tips for NaNo and for every writer (Friday/Saturday)

* Write It Now – my long-running series explaining every aspect of writing (Saturday/Sunday)

* Occasional NaNo writing prompts

* Mid-week posts on fun science and other things. Like why giant mechs are a silly idea and how to measure the speed of light using custard (you can – I am not joking).

* News – I hope to have some exciting stuff to bring you in the next few weeks.


* Some posts, from November, marking thirty years in the writing and publishing business.

Normally I post three or four times a week, but there’ll be more through October and November. Feel free to check out the blog generally – I’ve been publishing a lot of writing-related stuff, with more to come.

And I love hearing from you – so join any debate, tell me what you think. Have your say.

Party’s on, folks…

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Tomorrow: Science geekery – the physics of uber mechs. And on Friday – the NaNo tips begin.


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