NaNo Writing Prompt No. 1

Welcome to NaNo Writing Prompts, a short weekly series I’m running through November.

What story might lie behind a grassland like this? Who might live there? What sort of characters would be shaped by a landscape like this? And what lies just over that hill?

Rohan. No - central Otago. No, Rohan...oh, I give up...
Rohan. No – north Otago. No, Rohan…oh, I give up…

If you think it looks like Rohan out of Peter Jackson’s The Lord Of The Rings, there’s a reason – but that’s another story.

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Coming up: More writing tips and tricks, getting to that 50,000 word goal, ‘Write It Now’, and more…


5 thoughts on “NaNo Writing Prompt No. 1

    1. Cool! The actual location of the photo is near Lindis Pass, on the way from Otago to Canterbuiry – I’m not surprised it’s similar to places in the US. Same latitude, similar climate etc. Wonderful landscapes, all, & very different from where I live on the bottom corner of the North Island.

    1. Doesn’t surprise me. We trade on our scenery but the fact is it’s also shared with other places around the world. Oddly, NZ is almost exactly the same land area as Colorado, has virtually the same population, and the city-scapes – certainly in the provincial areas – are incredibly similar. Courtesy of similar latitude and a shared ‘Pacific Rim’ history during the nineteenth century as far as I can tell (it even had the same people – a lot of the “miner forty-niners” who were in California came here in the 1860s, via the gold-fields of Victoria).

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