The top ten lame excuses for writers not writing

You know you want to write, but…

1. The dishes need doing.
2. I just have to finish this Angry Birds level.
3. The day has a “y” in it.
4. It’s sunny outside.
5. The garden needs weeding.
6. You won’t believe this, but three weeks ago I was kidnapped by aliens and I’ve only just got back and it was, well, so traumatising that I really can’t get any writing inspiration.
7. No reason.
8. It’s time to go to the supermarket.
9. See (1).
10. Can’t be assed.

 Copyright © Matthew Wright 2013

Coming up: Serious tips on how to prod writing into gear, more NaNo writing tips, more about how to write…more fun stuff, and more…


20 thoughts on “The top ten lame excuses for writers not writing

  1. #6 isn’t an excuse. You can write about the experience. It will both defuse the trauma and it sounds like a kickass story (if perhaps a little overdone by now…)

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