NaNo Writing Prompt No. 2

Here’s another National Novel Writing Month prompt – or, indeed, a prompt for any writer.

What, perchance, might be the story behind this scene – behind the shop and the vintage cars? Maybe there’s a story of people, Cannery Row style? Maybe not. You figure it out.

OK, the car's English - a give-away really. This scene is pretty classically New Zealand, I have to admit.
This scene is classically New Zealand, I have to admit.

This photo looks like it might have been taken around 1955, but actually I took it in 2013, in the South Island of New Zealand.

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3 thoughts on “NaNo Writing Prompt No. 2

  1. Is this Three Creeks New Zealand or have I come out of the mountains of Oregon?
    I’ve been trapping on the north slope a long time but what are those dang things with the small black wheels. Strange lookin wagons. 😉

    1. Both I suspect! 🙂 History almost identical – NZ was being opened up in the nineteenth century by people with much the same ideas as in the US frontier at the same time. And that’s quite apart from the geography.

  2. Fantastic shot. travelling around NZ last year, we often stumbled across tiny towns like this that are reminiscent of a bygone era. Especially in the South Island.

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