A career by the numbers

I did some counting the other day. It’s coming up thirty years since I was hired to write my first book, as what amounted to a (paid) intern with the New Zealand Forest Service.

Wright_SydneyNov2011It’s 29 years since it was published. When I checked in a local public library, earlier this year, a copy was still on circulation. How dog-eared, battered and otherwise disintegrated it is, I can only imagine.

Since then, apart from academic papers, freelance articles, book reviews and so forth, I’ve written another 50 books – total 51 to date. More in process.

Of those, contracts for 33 were held by Penguin Random House. Were? I’ve been withdrawing the licenses for my out-of-print titles; 17 in total so far.

I’ve had books on the top five best seller lists in New Zealand on four occasions, two of them for several months.

The net total published output is something over two million words. More, if you add this blog. I probably wrote another million during the learning process.

What does all this add up to? A lot of hard work. But the main word is fun.

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