The irresistible list of four fun weird things

Ever wondered what might happen if Charlie Brown grew up and became a cyborg mercenary in a post-apocalyptic dystopia? No? Me neither.

But a guy named Jason Yungbluth did. Hitting No. 1 on my weird list (and maybe yours…)

1. Weapon Brown.
Published here:  Warning – it’s a graphic novel, and it’s seriously graphic (no pun intended) – mostly OTT violence. Not safe for work. Or home. Or possibly anywhere. But very funny. It is, needless to say, parody.

Conceptual artwork by Pat Rawlings of a Mars mission rendezvous from 1995. NASA, public domain, via Wikipedia.
Conceptual artwork by Pat Rawlings of a Mars mission rendezvous from 1995. NASA, public domain, via Wikipedia.

2. One-way Mars flight with reality TV
Then there was the Dutch plan to send people on a one-way ‘trip of a lifetime’ to Mars – funding it by (wait for it) turning the venture into reality TV. I have to say, a one-way trip to Mars would be the LAST trip I’d ever make.

3. Total physics geekery with custard
Although I’ve made a name for myself by writing history, my real enthusiasm is for physics – and I’ve found out about a way of measuring the speed of light using a microwave oven and a bowl of custard. I’ve got a post coming up…be warned. And get that custard ready.

4. A slightly odd German lexicon
Finally, anybody remember Blackadder Goes Forth? The scene where Blackadder insists the Germans have no word for ‘fluffy’? Of course I had to look it up, and I believe there are at least seventeen German words referring to ‘fluffy’. They include flaumig (fluffy feathers), flockig (fluffy snow), kuschelig (fluffy fabric), locker (fluffy hair), fusselig (fluffy), duftig (frothy/fluffy), oberflachlich (fluffy thinking), schaumig (fluffy egg whites), stofftier (fluffy toy), pluschtier (fluffy toy), not to mention fluffig, which means…er…fluffy.

Ok, so that was probably a load of quatsch … but hey…my German vocab is otherwise limited to ‘Achtung!’ (which I accidentally said in the departure lounge in Frankfurt airport, one time), ‘Panzer’, ‘Messerschmitt’ and ‘mein Luftkissenfahrzeug ist voller Aale’.

Did you find out anything funny or just plain berserk in 2013? I’d love to hear from you!

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Coming up: Christmas greetings, more science geekery and some end-of-year fun.


9 thoughts on “The irresistible list of four fun weird things

  1. Custard, eh? I’m intrigued. Spoon at the ready.
    On the Blackadder point, our German-built Bosch washungmachinen has a part of the cycle where it pauses and declares ‘Fluffing clothes.’ I remember asking a German friend back in the day if the ‘no word for fluffy’ was true. He stared at me and asked ‘Was ist?’

    1. It’s also not true that German operas last three days, though Wagner’s stuff is so well paced that while they might only be 28 hours, it feels like three days…I suppose more people go for Rammstein in this day and age.

  2. Speed-of-light-custard? Please tell me there’s fish fingers involved as well…

    I’m afraid most of the weird stuff I’ve found out this year I got from you. Thanks! 😀

  3. Deiner Post ist schnittig! It is interesting that I have used more German in the past week than I have in the previous 20 years. Two blog cooments is the past four days. What is scary is that I remember quite a bit.

    1. It’s amazing how it comes back. I suddenly remembered a lot of my school French lessons when we visited Paris, some years ago. They worked brilliantly, because as soon as I tried speaking French, the Parisians took pity on me and switched to English. The only time I really ran into trouble was when I tried to order beer in McDonalds. It’s available in French ones, and I wanted to have one just so I could say I’d bought a beer in a McDonalds. But could I remember the word?

  4. I can already think of a number of reality tv stars that should be sent on a one way trip to Mars! They could make a killing off of this idea if they went with the Kardashians and the cast of Jersey Shore.

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