Welcome to 2014 from the art deco capital of the world

Welcome to 2014! I thought I’d share some photos I’ve taken in the last few days from the art deco capital of the world – Napier, New Zealand.

Tom Parker Fountain, Napier.
Tom Parker Fountain, Napier. This dates to 1936. At night the water glows in rainbow colours, Hollywood magic style. I knew the guy who used to change the light bulbs.
Former T&G Building (1936) on Napier's Marine Parade.
Former T&G Building (1936) on Napier’s Marine Parade. The cars take tourists on ‘period’ tours of the city’s heritage.
The Paxie building in Hastings Street, Napier, Christmas 2013.
Detail of the Paxie building in Hastings Street, Napier.
Studebaker at large. Restored 1930s cars are a common sight around town these days.
Studebaker at large. Restored 1930s cars seem to be a common sight around town these days.

This year’s already stacked for me, certainly writing-wise. I have a book in press and others to finish and get to publishers by deadline. More on that soon. And I’ve got a lot of blogging fun planned, including more writing tips, science geekery and other fun stuff. Including revealing how to measure lightspeed with custard. Watch this space.

What have you got planned for 2014? I’d love to hear from you.

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14 thoughts on “Welcome to 2014 from the art deco capital of the world

  1. Beautiful photos, Matthew! Happy New Year, but in USA it is still 2013. How does 2014 look from your part of the world?

    You sound like you will be very busy!

    I also have tons of stuff to complete for 2014. I am working toward finishing a novel and two children’s books and writing a few more, blogging more often and visiting and liking other blogs, like yours. Promoting my books on FB & LI sites will keep me very busy too! I do a lot of tweeting and found and made many new friends this year. Copy editing is another thing that I do but I need to get back to my own stuff this year and cut back on other’s work. My problem is I can’t say ‘no!’

    It has been a real pleasure knowing you by your blog and all the terrific stuff you post. Keep blogging and I will keep reading and learning from the master! Thank you! Best Wishes!


  2. Love the pics! I had no idea Napier was the Deco Capital of the World. Definitely on my travel list now. … Happy New Year, Matthew! May 2014 bring you much success and many blessings.


    1. Many thanks – and I hope your 2014 is similarly prosperous! The moniker is the way the local Art Deco Trust and City Council promote the place, though they failed to get World Heritage status. In point of fact, all the best local deco was ripped down in the 1980s, Wellington has more and better deco…and don’t get me started on Miami! But it brings in the tourists, the summer weather suits the architecture (climate’s pretty much identical to Santa Barbara) and the city’s been made delightfully photogenic of late. I have a couple more photo posts to come on it.


    2. I should add that one of the older Napier modernist buildings is currently home to the IT service company hired by Kim Dotcom to support his new Mega venture. I have a photo of it…


  3. You’re killing me with the custard tease….c’mon! I’m ready to try. We raced grapes in the microwave over Christmas (yes, entire family of geeks).


    1. I’m trying to figure out how to get photos of it without reducing my household cred with She Who Must Be Obeyed… the problem I am trying to avoid is that it requires a very thick custard mix, which has to be cooked until solid, and it might erupt a bit in the microwave before that… I might have to make do with pen-and-ink diagrams. The physics behind it are sound (both in terms of the light-speed measure, and because of why it’s likely to make like a boiling mud pool prior…)


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