Secret revealed: the most searched-for thing ever!

A few days ago WordPress sent me a barrage of statistics about my blog in 2013.

A sample of nothing.
This is the most searched for thing on my blog.

Intriguing stuff. I discovered, for instance, that if each visitor was equal to a hydrogen atom, then I would not have had enough visitors to fill the Atlantic ocean with water. And that on 18 June I received 22.3 visitors in 18 seconds, 22.1 of them me.

More seriously, WordPress gave me the most popular discovery searches. These were:

1. blank square
2. jk rowling writing tips
3. adler gabriele 25
4. 12 blank squares
5. logline generator.

I’d like to explain, but somehow I can’t. ‘Blank square’? A block of nothing. Perhaps I bought some from Malcolm McLaren (he told me once, in a lecture, that his ambition was to sell…nothing.)

As for the others – well, I’m sure J K Rowling has some great writing tips to offer, but what you’ll find here is actually mine. I own an ‘Adler Gabrielle 25‘, and it’d work if I could find a Type 1 ribbon for it (go on, Google search…bet it will lead you back here…). I also wrote a logline generator.

But there was one search they didn’t mention – one that found my blog and which piqued me deeply. Of that, more tomorrow.

Meanwhile – what’s the weirdest search string that found your blog?

Copyright © Matthew Wright 2014

Coming up: Regular writing posts resume this weekend, science geekery, humour and more.

15 thoughts on “Secret revealed: the most searched-for thing ever!

  1. Woah, this is so fascinating! The metaphor to the hydrogen atom really puts things into perspective. I have a literary review blog, and it’s so interesting how many different types of writers are on wordpress.

    1. I have to admit the hydrogen atom metaphor is a small piece of hyperbole on my part – WordPress actually compare annual blog visitors to the people required to fill places such as the Sydney Opera House or the Hollywood Bowl. All of it’s a handy way of getting visits into perspective.

  2. I’m so glad you posted this. I was going to post mine but they were too ridiculous.
    My all-time highest search is “spectrum.” Yep.
    Here’s my 2013 Top 5 on my Literature and Theology blog:
    1. gollum
    2. mars landscape
    3. mars
    4. bad writing examples
    5. my precious
    It’s encouraging to be so considered an expert on these things.

    1. It worked for me…:-) In fact according to my ‘all time’ stats extending back to 2010, it’s the third most popular way searches have found my blog – the others are ‘Matthew Wright blog” and “first world war” (feel free to add those terms to your own books, of course…):-)

  3. I just looked at my all time stats for the last two years and magic topped the search list. Actually, I suspect that was from a photo that is no longer on my blog. Then, it was my name and “center of the universe” is a constant, although I am not sure why. It does not involve a photo so perhaps I am quite self-centered. Great post, as always, Matthew.

    1. I try and keep these things fairly light-hearted. To me the truth of blog stats is they are misleading in any human sense – I am convinced “bots” produce a lot of them, or visitors who pass through. To me the more valuable thing is to make ongoing contact with people such as yourself. I suspect most bloggers have a few dozen or so in this category – and to me such associations, built over time, are worth an unlimited number of anonymous single “hits” from robots and strangers.

  4. “mvsdzb quit” – What is this?
    “coke and red wine” – Yuck!
    “naked dirndl” – Oooooooohkaaaaaaay….
    “is liability a left-handed balance sheet” – Hand your accountant a pen & find out.
    “scorned woman cocktail magic” – Sounds good, just have no post about it.
    “ugly people calendar” – Why? Why? Why?
    “what are the maine function of mbo” – Beats me.

    1. Brilliant…and just a tiny a bit odd that people search on some of these strings! The ‘sounds good, have no post’ happens to me too. I have long since ceased to ponder the incomprehensible marvels that must grind around inside Google’s server farms…

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