Four top questions that sort of defy answers

Today I thought I’d share a few conundrums…

Matthew Wright1. Why is it that for the whole history of humanity, we’ve had no problem surviving on ordinary water. But in the last ten years we’ve only been able to survive with water-and-salt ‘hydration’ mixes sold for absurd prices in designer bottles?

2. Why do we have to buy ‘detox’ products and get pushed to go on ‘detox’ diets when we have functioning liver and kidneys?

3. How do astrologers get by now Pluto’s been demoted from planet status?

4. In 1555, the apothecary (pharmacist) Michel de Nostredam (Nostradamus) predicted the world would end in 1987. Why are we still here?


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10 thoughts on “Four top questions that sort of defy answers

  1. Simple answer to all four questions – the world has always had plenty of gibbering idiots. (And now with advertising and social media, idiocy is so much more infectious!)

  2. The answer to #2 is #1. We put some many preservatives and chemicals into our bodies that now we need to detox. As for the other questions, refer to bevrobitai comment. :-).

    1. It is simply scary to contemplate the number of additives routinely used even in what purports to be fresh food. I figure the number of additives has spiralled even in the last ten years. All to meet such non-health related matters as shelf life and bottom line. I can’t help thinking it will backfire in our faces, likely in the form of weird medical outcomes such as a rise in immune system disorders consequent on chemical intolerances. And maybe soon.

  3. 1. Not true. Simple water is still good enough. Try it.
    2. Because we feel a wish to balance our toxic eating & drinking habits, so we buy something that is labelled “cleansing”.
    3. Planet or no planet, it is completely irrelevant to astrology.
    4. The same reason why Dean Martin said he became an alcoholic: sheer luck.

    1. Apropos (4). Exactly. We got away with the late twentieth century entirely by luck. Apparently there was an incident on 26 September 1983 in which the Soviets (wrongly) believed they had detected a US first strike. The officer on duty in the command centre believed – rightly – it was a false alarm and did not take it further. Armageddon averted. But it wasn’t the only incident – and it was just dumb luck that nothing terrible happened.

  4. There are people who will try to convince others to buy or believe in what they are selling or saying. There are those who will believe or buy anything that someone tells or sells them.

  5. 1. Because money, that’s why.
    2. Also because money.
    3. How did astrologers get by before 1930?
    4. The world did end. We have been in the afterlife for the last 27 years.

    1. Apropos 3…yes. Clearly this is why astrology doesn’t work. Before 1930, they didn’t know about Pluto and so got every prediction absolutely wrong. And since 2006 the IAU demotion to ‘dwarf planet’ has once again thrown out the predictions. OK, so astrologers also got it wrong every time between 1930 and 2006, but let’s not split hairs…

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