Coffee… from the age of dieselpunk

While on holiday in Napier, New Zealand the other week, I stumbled across this. An Airstream trailer turned into a coffee cart for the Silver Bullet Coffee Company.

Coffee cart on the Marine Parade, Napier.
Coffee cart on the Marine Parade, Napier.
Airstream coffee cart on Napier's Marine Parade.
Airstream coffee cart on Napier’s Marine Parade.
I am a huge fan of these streamline stylings. You?
I am a huge fan of these streamline stylings. You?

The cart opened in November 2013, and although the caravan it’s built around dates to 1976, it’s an Airstream – which makes it pure mid-century. Post-deco, but definitely not Swedish Modern or 1970s kitsch. I am a huge, huge fan of mid-twentieth century stylings – especially the streamline shapes that defined the age. Call it dieselpunk. Thoughts?

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5 thoughts on “Coffee… from the age of dieselpunk

  1. Airstreams are the Roll-Royce of travel trailers. Makes sense to make a coffee cart out of one. Some of the trains of that era have that silver bullet look as well. Very sleek and clean.

    1. It’s wonderful, isn’t it. Napier has the same climate as Santa Barbara (and some of the buildings were inspired from there) so it’s appropriate on many levels! I believe the choice of Airstream look was deliberate – apparently it was in the spec issued for the coffee stand license.

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