Kim Dotcom’s everywhere!

Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom is a household name in New Zealand these days. He’s everywhere.

He’s wanted on copyright charges in the US and up for an extradition hearing. Last week he set up a new political party to challenge this year’s general election. He’s set up new companies to provide web services. The latest is ‘Baboom’, a music streaming service. On which it’s possible to listen to Dotcom’s new album.

He’s been compared to a Bond villain by the media. Repeatedly. Dotcom says that’s not him, though he likes the gizmos. I can identify with that. Bond gizmos are cool.

Look what I saw on the back of a bus...
Look what I saw on the back of a bus…

I have no intention of joining Baboom – I saw it on the back of a bus on Friday. See what I mean about Dotcom being everywhere? His Mega site, meanwhile, is serviced by a company operating in the Public Trust building, in Napier.Wright_Public Trust Building_Napier

I have no idea where Dotcom’s music career, political career, extradition hearing and the rest will go. But time will tell, no doubt.

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    1. I only know him through what I read in the media – and you’re right, his influence is only proportional to the reception. True for all of us…and Dotcom has managed to crack the first huge hurdle of the internet world…discovery.

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