Experience the past. See the journey. Understand the now.

I don’t often blog directly about the books I write – but I have some auspicious news. My publishers, David Bateman Ltd, have released my Bateman Illustrated History of New Zealand as an e-book. My first major e-release, after 30 years of trad book publishing and 50-odd titles.

MJWright2011The print edition has sold very well – and continues to sell. Now it’s also available as e-book on Amazon, iTunes and Nook. And it’s not just a text book – it’s complete with all illustrations. That makes the file fairly big, but it’s worth it.

Here’s what reviewers have said:

“Books of this sweep, length, and immensity of topic are often described as “ambitious”. That it certainly is, but it is an ambition emphatically realised. Both author and publisher have done a great job … Everyone who lives in this country would benefit from reading this book, and would enjoy it.” Graeme Barrow, Northern Advocate

“Wright has covered a lot of ground, engaged with the best of current historical and archaeological thinking and served up a lively, sound general history of New Zealand for the general reader. Bateman should also take another bow…” Gavin McLean, Otago Daily Times

“…an extraordinarily accessible journey through our arguably short but undeniably rich history. I recommend it to anyone who has an active interest in the past or has simply been looking for an excuse to learn more about the events that shaped this country.” Lemuel Lyes, ‘History Geek’ blog.

I’m  marking the release over the next few weeks with a few posts, some sneak-peeks inside the book, and more. Watch this space. Meanwhile, here are the links. Go on – you know you want to…


It’s also available on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/nz/book/bateman-illustrated-history/id835233637?mt=11

And Nook is coming soon.

You can still buy the print edition here: http://www.batemanpublishing.co.nz/ProductDetail?CategoryId=96&ProductId=1410

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Coming up: More writing tips, geekery and more. Watch this space.


13 thoughts on “Experience the past. See the journey. Understand the now.

  1. Great news, Matthew. I hope the e-book is highly successful. You mentioned how it took 10,000 Brits to overcome 2,000 New Zealand native peoples in another post. Is that episode included in your book?

    1. It is in brief. I had a lot more on it in a book I wrote specifically. on the NZ wars, but that’s now out of print. Thanks for your thoughts on success. The print version has done very well since release…fingers crossed for the e-book.

  2. Congratulations, that is great news! I hope it is as successful in electronic form as it has proved to be in the bookstores – I’m sure it will be!

    1. Thank you – yes, it’s sold remarkably well, I’m told, given the state of the NZ market these days. And thank you also, once again, for your very kind thoughts on this book. Much appreciated!

  3. So exciting! Congrats! I was gobsmacked by the “50-odd titles”, but somehow found the inner ego strength to move past your prolific resume and into the reviews… Way to have the moxy to post these! We writers are too often cripplingly modest about our achievements, but we need to read reviews like this to know what can happen when one of us puts their everything into a project and it hits home with so many readers. Not bad having the whole entire country advised to pick up a copy!

    1. I wish they would! I think there are about a million households in New Zealand. 🙂 The book has sold pretty well tbough. My back list sort of happened. There was a point where I was getting my ideas accepted virtually every time by publishers. It’s tougher now as the market has declined. Re-conceptualisation on my part is the key to the next step. I would say re-invention but I see what’s needed for the new writing and publishing paradigm as needing more than that.

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