How I ended up on national TV without noticing

The night before last, and all day yesterday, people were telling me I’d been on TV.

MJWright2011They didn’t mean last week’s interview slot on TV3’s breakfast show. This was something else. Apparently I was part of a programme promo. Which, inevitably, I missed, because I don’t actually watch TV. I mean, I really don’t. It’s taken me a decade to discover the Battlestar Galactica re-boot.

The cover of Big IdeasStill, the surprise promo means only one thing. About fifteen months ago I was interviewed, fairly extensively, for a four-part series on New Zealand’s engineering history. I’ve written books on it, one of which – Big Ideas (Random House, 2009) hit the New Zealand best seller charts and stayed there for several months.

I always thought I’d missed the series – after all, as I say, I don’t watch TV. But a few days ago I was advised it’s coming, and now it seems a clip from the interview is part of the national promo.

I really should make a point of watching this one.

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6 thoughts on “How I ended up on national TV without noticing

    1. Thank you! Honestly though it’s just stuff I do. I never know where paths will lead. It’s very humbling to discover where one or two of them, occasionally and briefly, sometimes take me.


    1. ‘Making New Zealand’. Prime, Sunday 18 May and weekly for four weeks, 8.30 pm. I have no idea how much of the iinterview material I did will be used.


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