Refurbishing with colour and deco

I’ve refurbished my blog this week – added a new header, new background and changed some of the colours.

Here's the original image - also check out the close-up on my Google+ homepage.
Here’s the original image – also check out the close-up on my Google+ homepage.

The header’s from a photo essay I took in late February in Napier, New Zealand.  It features the upper parts of the 1932 Masonic Hotel building on the right, in early streamline style, and the 1936 T & G building, now called (rather unimaginatively) The Dome, on the left – partly obscured by deco-style foliage.

Napier is set apart by its stunning 1930s architectural heritage. And by its climate, which matches Santa Barbara. It was around 100 degrees F on that scorching late summer day. The camera got hot too, and the photos that came out of it glowed – even the shadows were fully lit, by reflection. The photo at bottom shows what I mean. It was taken facing the opposite direction from the blog header.

What do you think of the new blog look?

Unlikely to have actually driven in 1930s Napier...but who cares?
This is the exact image that came out of the camera – editing was restricted to scaling down for the blog, and adding the copyright notice. It was taken with full polarisation. Note the flared highlights, and how the shadow side of the car is illuminated by sunlight reflected off the footpath. Same phenomenon is why Apollo astronauts appeared to be side-lit on the Moon.

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17 thoughts on “Refurbishing with colour and deco

    1. Thanks. I wentcslightly nuts with the canera and took about 1000 photos – this isnt hyperbole either – last Napier Art Deco weekend. But who wouldn’t amidst the largest national gathering of art deco cars and WW2 fighters in the country?

        1. I shudder to think how much I used to spend on developing! I have recollection of returning once from Europe with a bag of undeveloped films, cringing every time they went through the X-rays and then forking out enough money to re-build the Taj Mahal when I got home. Today? The prints are sitting in a box… somewhere… 🙂

  1. I like it a lot and apologize for forgetting to mention it when you made the change recently. It’s cheerier. You captured the deco style nicely. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I was brought up in that town and nobody ever realised what a fabulous heritage the place had. Not until the best of it was knocked over anyway. But familiarity always breeds contempt.

  2. It’s a great new look, Matthew. I am bit late to respond but am catching up. I love Art Deco so can understand you taking 1000 photos. Noticed in one of your responses that you are on Google+; am considering putting up a page there when I catch up with what I have. Again, great look!

    1. Thanks…I am definitely a fan of 1930s modernism. I went slightly overboard with the deco pix, but with a digital SLR and an 8gB memory card it was far too easy to keep clicking.

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