A glistening quote from the Wellington Writers’ Walk

I was out on the Wellington waterfront the other day with my camera and spotted the light falling just so across this quote from New Zealand’s best known short-story writer, Katherine Mansfield. She’s one of several authors commemorated in the Wellington Writers’ Walk.

My DSLR’s not new-tech, and CCD’s being what they are, I wasn’t sure a photo into the light would actually work. But it did. I had to share it.

A wonderful quote from Katherine Mansfield.
A wonderful quote from Katherine Mansfield.


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8 thoughts on “A glistening quote from the Wellington Writers’ Walk

    1. The quote is a sparkling example of Mansfeild’s styling and really captures the sense of the winds for which Wellington was well known until recently. I was lucky to catch the light on the plaque…usually its a dull grey block of concrete. To me gave literal life to the quote.

  1. Lovely picture with just the right light on the water! You are quite a photographer too! Wow, any end to your talents, Matthew?

    1. Oh yes, there are many things I can’t do. I very carefully never mention them on my blog… 🙂

      I took up photography partly because it’s fun but also because it means I have full ownership of pix I can use for my books – no copyright hassles. With this pic, I’ve photographed that plaque before (it’s a great quote) but not with the light like that. It was a special day – one out of the box, between a succession of winter storms.

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