Living On Shaky Ground

I’ve got three books being published between now and February.

Here’s a preview of Living On Shaky Ground: the science and story behind New Zealand’s earthquakes. It’s being published by Penguin Random House on 26 September. My advance copy arrived a few days back. And after thirty years and over 50 books, I have to say that the thrill of receiving the advance, unseen by anybody else except the publishers and the printers – never goes away.

My advance 'author copy' of Living On Shaking Ground - with its delivery packaging...
My advance ‘author copy’ of Living On Shaky Ground – with its delivery packaging…
And here it is in its 'natural habitat', a bookshelf, lined up with both editions of my last book on earthquakes.
And here it is in its ‘natural habitat’, a bookshelf, lined up with both editions of my last book on earthquakes.

The book includes over 50 photos I took myself, a lot of science text on earthquakes, and the story behind some of New Zealand’s bigger ones. The main – er – thrust of it it isn’t about the past, of course, but the future – what’s going to happen next?

More soon. And if you want to buy…it’s available for pre-order now, via New Zealand’s online bookstore Fishpond.

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Click to buy print edition from Fishpond.
Click to buy print edition from Fishpond.

17 thoughts on “Living On Shaky Ground

  1. Congrats, but you do know there are easier ways to fill the gaps in your bookshelf. Seriously though enjoy your work and look forward to filling even more gaps in my bookshelf in the future with you books..


    1. We should be so lucky! We’re right on the Pacific Rim of Fire – just as prone to major quakes as Japan, Alaska and California. We have over 600 fault lines, multiple active volcanoes – the lot. I live directly atop New Zealand’s ‘grand central station’ of fault lines. We’re also home to the Taupo volcano, a supervolcano the same size as Yellowstone. The last time it seriously blew, the planet entered a period of drastic climate change. Ouch.


      1. We all learn something new each day (if we’re lucky), but sorry to hear THAT news. I forgot to add in my congratulations!! – my apologies – and keep on writing, even through the tremors!


        1. Thank you! This book actually had its origins in the Wellington quakes of last year…I was at my writing desk when the first of the two big ones hit. I grabbed my computer to stop it tipping, thinking about the hard drive. Inspired me to think about writing a book on this rather tremulous subject… and here it is.

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