Writing inspirations – sombre gravestones in a sudden sun

Today’s writing inspiration – for NaNoWriMo entrants and for writers of all persuasions – is a photo I took of headstones at Dovedale cemetery, near Nelson, New Zealand.

Headstones at Dovedale, 2013.
Headstones at Dovedale, 2013.

It was a patchy day. By the time I took this photo the light was fading – but it carried an electric glow that I tried to capture. There was a mood to it. Inspiring? I hope so.

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4 thoughts on “Writing inspirations – sombre gravestones in a sudden sun

    1. It’s quite a historic cemetery. Some of my wife’s relatives are buried there – they were early settlers in that district. I had no great hopes of a photo, until the light came out…

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