Writing inspirations – Gandalf and friend in Wellington airport

Today’s writing inspiration – for NaNoWriMo entrants and for writers of all persuasions – is a photo I took last week in Wellington airport.

Gandalf and friend...
Gandalf and friend…

This sculpture, by Weta Workshop, is enormous. Effectively life size. And, though we all know Tolkien’s story, I think there’s a good deal there to inspire original tales of our own, if we step back and let our imaginations drift.

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9 thoughts on “Writing inspirations – Gandalf and friend in Wellington airport

    1. It’s a tremendous piece of artwork. In every sense. There was a second one but it fell down in the 2013 quakes. Turned out that it weighed a ton. Literally. Yes, excellent news from Mars. The science they get out of the comet will be fascinating!

    1. Sure is. There were two, but one fell in the 2013-14 quake series and doesn’t seem to have been replaced, unless I missed it (it was 5.00 am when I took this photo and I wasn’t at my sharpest…)

  1. If someone effectively uses that beast as an inspiration for their novel – watch out Stephen King!! That sculpture looks overwhelming.
    (I see you have a new Gravatar picture – an update?)

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