Writing inspirations – big sky and big country

Today’s writing inspiration – for NaNoWriMo entrants and for writers of all persuasions – is a photo I took of one of New Zealand’s fabulous landscapes. Big sky. Empty road. A vastness that belies the true scale of these modest South Pacific lands.


This is just east of Lake Wanaka, in high summer. I find it inspiring. Do you?

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7 thoughts on “Writing inspirations – big sky and big country

  1. Reminds me of when I drove from Illinois to Seattle. I had heard the term “Big Sky” before but didn’t really get it. While driving through Wyoming, I finally did understand. You can see for miles and miles over rolling green hills, and the sky seems to go on forever. It was awe inspiring. Just like your pic. It’s beautiful.


    1. There are a lot of similarities between the. South Island and parts of midwwest US, I believe. Guess due to similar cllimate and latitude. I only took this photo by chance. We had planned to go north by the West Coast route (surviving Jurassic era forest) but the road was closed by weather so we drove up through the middle via the McKenzie Country, which looks like Rohan (Jackson filmed Two Towers there). We could see the storm on the west side of the ranges but on the east it was a fine day.

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  2. I want so badly to visit your beautiful country. If I ever get there I will have to visit! I have an editing client who lives in Australia, maybe I can make it a New Zealand visit as well! LOL… wishing wishing!


    1. There is some amazing scenery here for sure. A lot of it matched by places elsewhere but the appeal here, I think, is the diversity in a relatively small country – and its accessibility. I do hope you are able to make it here one day.


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