Writing inspirations – another golden age Deco moment

Today’s writing inspiration – for NaNoWriMo entrants and for writers of all persuasions – is another photo I took in Napier, New Zealand. The city was rebuilt in ‘art deco’ styles after a devastating 1931 earthquake. This is the ‘Dome’, formerly the ‘T&G’ building, of 1936.

Close-up of the former T&G Building (1936).
Close-up of the former T&G Building (1936).

Wellington architects Adkin and Mitchell produced something that harked forward to streamline themes – with those implicit undertones of the refined lifestyles and golden age Hollywood world of 1930s deco. Something to ponder; something to inspire.

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4 thoughts on “Writing inspirations – another golden age Deco moment

    1. I’ve covered both, though only peripherally, in ‘Blue Water Kiwis’ (Reed 2000) and ‘Pacific War’ (Reed 2003). Both way out of print – I gather ‘second hand’ copies are available at extortionate prices, for which I don’t see a cent. Good news is that I’ve retrieved the publishing licenses and am looking at a re-publishing programme for the whole of my military back-list, with Kindle availability. I’m not exactly sure on timing yet, other than that it’ll start in 2015, but will keep you posted. The Darwin raids and the Sydney submarine intrusion had a significant moral effect in NZ, particularly as they were coupled with Japanese submarine activity in our waters. There were even reconnaissance overflights of Auckland and Wellington – I’ve read the files in Archives New Zealand, which include a post-war discussion with the Japanese pilot who did it. We had nothing to stop it – the files in which our Prime Minister was begging for fighter aircraft also make intriguing reading. I think I can feel a blog post coming on about this!

      1. Jeez – I was hoping to hear that closing remark!! As you know, I have tried to obtain “Pacific War” here in the US and the cost is too much for me – so YES please do keep me informed about the reprinting!

        1. Will do! It’s been a challenging process, especially given the way the book-buying market has dwindled here in NZ with a resulting risk-aversion by publishers. Couple that with the fact that these books have been long since published and it’s been a challenge to reprint. But I’m working on a way of getting these things back out there for interested readers. Some hurdles yet to jump, but I’m quietly optimistic. More soon.

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